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Polypropylene modular channel “STANDARD” type with end cap

Manufactured in polypropylene, it is provided with high resistant reinforcement side ribs. Every element, 500 mm long, has 2 different vertical exits on the bottom.

A wide range of polypropylene and metal gratings completes the range.

Polypropylene modular channel “standard” type

schema canaletta standard


Code Size Type Color Exit pipe A A1 B D D1 H H1
I050013050 130 x 500 h. 80 mm grey Ø 50 500 498 133 50 50 80 55


End cap standard type

end cap standard type


Code Size Exit pipe Color
I070013050 130 x 500 Ø 50 Grey


End coupling

end coupling

schema raccordo angolare


Code Color A B H H1
I069013050 Grey 133 133 80 50


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